Everything You Need to Know About VR / AR Technology and Why You Need It

The desire to change the world with the help of technology is gaining momentum every day. After years of development, virtual and augmented reality (the so-called VR and AR reality) today are one of the most invested areas. Most giant corporations invest their money in order to develop technology and quickly move to spreading a wide audience in the market and, of course, strive to improve our world.



Augmented Reality for iPhone and iPad Owners:

Let us recall at least the recently released Apple platform ARKit, which allows millions of iPhone and iPad owners to experience augmented reality in their surroundings. This development recognizes the dimensions of the surrounding space and takes into account lighting conditions in order to reliably integrate various virtual objects into real life, recognize business cards and other information, and even animate photos.


Pokemon: The Most Successful App of All Time:

Or a cultural phenomenon that turned the whole world into a game in 2016: Pokemon go is the most successful app of all time. Every twenty people on the planet played a game that seemed to make us part of a world filled with Pokemon.

So, new realities are being introduced into our life with tremendous speed – augmented reality and virtual reality. And the main question is in revealing these realities: which of them can have a more significant impact on our lives?


What is VR/ AR?

Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial digital environment that completely replaces the real world. With VR, users hear artificial sounds and see images, completely immersed in the digital world from the point of view of the brain. Virtual reality allows you to travel without traveling.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlay of digital content on the real world. This can be images, video or interactive data. VR allows us to add everything we need to the real world.


How Virtual Reality Works?

The main objective of virtual reality is to model vision. Using special glasses or a helmet, a three-dimensional environment is created. A special headset is able to track the position of the head and body, thereby completely immersing you in another world. Two autofocus lenses are usually located between the screen and the eyes, which are adjusted depending on the movement and position of the eyes. The visual elements on the screen are displayed using a mobile phone or an HDMI cable connected to the console.


  1. Is AR The More Affordable Technology?

AR, in turn, is a more affordable technology, as people can use their smartphones or tablets to launch augmented reality applications. AR applications use the phone’s camera to superimpose virtual objects that are displayed on screens onto a real image. Over the years, more and more applications, such as Google translate, have appeared in our phones, which actually translate text on paper or any physical medium in front of us.


  1. Can We Introduce AR into Daily Life?

Another, more advanced way of introducing AR into life is special smart glasses that simply add digital objects to the real world. For example, in Google Glass, digital data is projected right in front of the user’s eyes. An interesting project called Magic leap, which superimposes three-dimensional computer images on real-world objects, is currently under development. Details have not been disclosed. But the interest and necessity of such technologies in the life of a modern person is no longer in doubt.


  1. Imposing AR Using Technologies:

Well, if we talk about simple forms of using technologies, then we encounter them almost every day, flipping through the Instagram feed. Using filters with cat ears or adding animations are primitive forms of augmented reality.


Where We Can Use AR and VR Technologies?

AR and VR technologies are extremely relevant for gamers, 3D-artists and even astronauts. In business and architecture, VR gives you the opportunity to see for yourself how an object looks or will look.


  1. Exciting Marketing Content:

Technology provides opportunities for different brands to create exciting marketing content. Special programs will allow you to “try on” a new interior object to your room or experiment with hair color, animate pictures in books, or move in seconds to another continent.


  1. Training of Complex Operations:

Doctors are helped to study the human body in an interactive 3D format, to conduct student training and training of complex operations.

  1. The Scope of Entertainment to Surprise People:

We cannot but recall the scope of entertainment. Modern people need to surprise with something all the time, they crave more and more new sensations. Virtual and augmented reality is a promising and long-term source of new emotions for each of us.




  1. VR and AR is Applicable in All Field of Life:

VR and AR began to make their way into the field of art and journalism. In galleries and at exhibitions, it became possible to supplement exhibits with virtual content. And in VR glasses and using a 360-degree video, the information seems more interesting and accessible.


  1. VR and AR in Theaters and Museums:

There are even whole virtual reality theaters that promise viewers the unprecedented experience of using virtual headsets and promote them into a virtual show. The National Museum of Singapore uses AR devices to provide a more perfect tour of the museum, which gives you a completely different, exciting experience.


  1. Can VR be Used in Military?

Virtual reality is used by the military for educational purposes. This allows you to prepare the soldiers for combat situations or other dangerous conditions, where they must learn to respond accordingly.


  1. Caltech is Helping Blind People With AR:

One of the latest advances is the development of professors at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to help move blind people. Scientists combined the technology of augmented reality with algorithms of “computer vision” and achieved great success in the initial testing.

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