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Google Drive Review

Google Drive is an online storage service that provides a word processor , presentation and spreadsheet program , creating a good alternative to Microsoft Office. The key to Google Drive is that you will find that menus and interface are natural to use and everything is automatically saved online.



  1. Google Drive a Replacement For Microsoft Office:

There are five parts to Google Drive. Docs (Word), Slides (PowerPoint) and Sheets (Excel) can be used as a replacement for Microsoft Office. Forms and Drawings are also included.

  1. 15 GB Storage:

All parts of Google Drive store files in your Google Account, which covers 15 GB, whether they are office documents or regular files such as images and music.

Pros of Google Drive:

  • No download required
  • Save to popular file formats
  • 15 GB of free storage
  • Share files and folders with others
  • Displays images of documents before opening them
  • Open a variety of file types
  • Optionally save and retrieve files from your account via a Windows or Mac desktop program
  • Mobile users can install the Google Drive app on their Android or iOS device
  • Check the spell directly for Docs, Slides, Forms and Drawings
  • Monitor activity to save changes to folders
  • Many people can edit a file at once
  • Live chat is supported when many people use the same file


Cons of Google Drive:

  • Spell checking needs to be launched manually in Google Sheets
  • Converted files have a size limit
  1. Google Drive Amazingly Supports the Following File Types:

Google Drive fully supports the following file types, which means you can open and save in these formats again:


  1. File Formats That Are Fully Supported:

As you can see, popular Microsoft Office formats, such as DOCX, PPTX, and XLSX, are fully supported on Google Drive.

  1. Selecting a Format For Some File Formats:

The following formats can be opened with Google Drive, but cannot be saved again in the same format. You will need to select a format listed above to save one of these file types after opening:



Comparing Google Drive vs Microsoft Office



Software Download for Microsoft Office:

Aside from costs, the main difference between the Microsoft Office suite and Google Drive is that the latter does not require software download, as it is fully hosted online. This means that you can store files online without using any local storage as MS Office requires.

Similar Programs:

Similar programs are available in both: a spreadsheet, presentation, and word processing software. Microsoft Office has additional software that you get when you install the entire suite, such as an email client, database manager software, and record keeping software. Otherwise, Google Drive has a drawing program and a form builder.

Some Similar Features in Google Drive and Microsoft Office:

On the surface, it’s easy to see these two suites as completely different, because one requires a purchase, while the other is free and operates through a web browser. However, both can use similar file types and both include some of the same tools, like spreadsheet formulas, importing images, spell checking and the ability to create charts and graphics.

Select According to Your Need:

In general, it should be understood that both Google Drive and Microsoft Office have their own collection of useful and not so useful features that should be examined on a case by case basis.

My Thoughts on Google Drive:

My Favorite Way to Create New Documents:

I’ve been using Google Drive for some time now and it’s definitely my favorite way to create new documents and spreadsheets. I love everything about it – the files are saved without me having to click any button, everything is stored online , on it and actually supports some of the most popular file types.

Share Your document or File With Anyone You Want:

I love how easy it is to share photos with others. I should not assume they have MS Office or some of these other free office programs. I can just create a document in Google Drive and then share it with someone I love. As long as they have an internet browser that is connected to the internet, they can view and edit files with me, which is much easier than downloading and installing desktop software.

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