How to Hire the Right People for Your Business

It is essential to hire the right people to ensure the success of your business. This is why entrepreneurs should set up a formal hiring process when they want to recruit staff. At the cost of time and effort to find the right people, you will increase your chances of hiring the best performers while avoiding costly and regrettable mistakes.



Many entrepreneurs know intuitively whether the candidate is suitable for the position or not. However, you should not rely solely on your feeling. The recruitment process should base on quality and objective factors.

Here are 7 points to avoid making bad hiring decisions.


  1. Know your Company goals


To recruit the best candidate, you must know the needs of your business. What is the mission? What are their values? What type of people is right for you? What do you prefer as a mentality?

2.    Write detailed job descriptions

If you can not get a clear idea of ​​what employees are supposed to do, you will have a hard time hiring the right person. Create a description for each position in the company, reflecting the responsibilities, skills, and experience required.

Make sure you communicate the job requirements to the candidates during the interview.

3. Conduct a structured interview


When the time comes for interviews, it is better to think of having more than one meeting with the serious candidates and to involve other people, such as an HR representative and the director, to whom the new employee will report.


Use behavioral interviewing techniques

For example, invite candidates to describe how they have handled particular challenges in previous positions. Past performance is often a guarantee of future performance. You can also offer a difficult scenario to them and ask them how they will handle it.

4. Look beyond the resume


The best-qualified candidates on paper are not necessarily the best candidates to fill the position. Make the candidates talk about their interests, ambitions, and priorities. If the candidates dream of working for a big company with a big salary, they could not live with a job in a small company.

5. Ask for references


It is always safer to take the time to check references. Although fewer companies provide references to their former employees, the reference check provided remains one of the best sources of information on candidates. Also, consider the possibility of conducting your survey of people who know the candidate or who have worked with him in the past.

6. Integrate them with Experiences Team


When you have recruited the best candidates, you must promote their full membership. One study indicates that a strong orientation program increases the retention rate of new employees by up to 40 percent. While being during the training of the new employee, you might want to consider pairing with an experienced employee that can mentor them and coach them when they start working.


Finally, never lose sight of two simple principles – the relationship to employment and consistency. Be sure to document each step of the process and provide solid, objective, and evidence-based reasons for your decision to hire someone or not.

Muhammad Farhan

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