How to Sell More than Your Competitors

In times of intense competition, since many markets are overheated when customers save on everything the crisis, companies have to lower prices for their services and products. And a reasonable question arises, how to sell products more expensive than competitors, so as not only to stay loose but also to make a profit? About this in our article!



Want to know how to sell more? Everything is effortless, and you will either have to create value for the client or solve his problems or lower your prices. But we will leave at the end because it is not at all profitable for a business to lower costs so that we will consider other options for improvement.


  1. Focus on the Quality of the Product


What is more important for a client than a price? Service and reliability. For example, a company crashed a computer, a company loses customers and profits, and a computer technician promises to come within a day. Of course, in this case, the company is not interested in cooperating with a technician that cannot solve the problem immediately. But if the computer master promises to arrive within 2 hours, then most likely, the company will agree with this company and will be ready to pay much more for maintenance and service.


  1. Ask customers what is more important for them


Therefore, you need to look for what parameters are more important for customers than price. If you want to sell services or goods more expensive than competitors, then you should work on what is essential for customers. Apart from customers, the risk of not receiving the product on time, the risk of getting a rejection, or the risk of not receiving repairs, service.


  1. Educate your Costumer on your Product


To sell more and more expensive, start giving people more. For example, instructions for using your product educate your customers. So, Nikon offers everyone who has bought a Nikon camera to go through the online photo school to learn the basics of photography using Nikon technology.


Give customer training support


Think about what training or informational support you could give your customers to sell at a higher price.

For example, consultants can sell paint, or they can advise on how to paint the walls of an apartment with high-quality paint.

Therefore, enter into your sales an element of customer training. A women’s clothing store can talk about how to care for clothing or accompany the instructions.


  1. Offer something extra with High Price


If you want to raise prices for your product, then you need to offer something that competitors do not provide, for example, sets of goods for different target audiences. For example, you sell books – create collections of books for different target groups, for example, books for children, or books for a philosopher or a doctor, books for Christmas or books for a birthday.



Making of Birthday Box for kids

According to this principle, various gift boxes for events work. Let’s say a birthday box may contain balls, decorations for a room, flags, candles on a cake, etc. Each of these products individually costs a penny, and a thematic box itself can cost $50 and above.


Solving the customer problem 

Everything is simple. Firstly, you solve the client’s problem. How to decorate a child’s room for birthday and make a surprise, secondly, do all the work of finding and selecting the right materials in combination with each other. So think about how you can bundle your products and services to sell them at a higher price.



Creating a profitable online business is the dream of many. But 95% of entrepreneurs will never reach their goal because they will fall into the “trap” and will not be able to get out of there …

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