Manifestations of the Internet of Things in Real Life

Technology today has a significant impact on our lives, and this is more than just words. We are becoming smarter, faster, learning in an innovative way, and all this is due to technological progress and science. We could sit and think about how technology has advanced and advanced in our time, but these thoughts are unlikely to match the levels with the current progress.



  1. IoT is the Innovation in the World:

So, there is one global new technology that almost knocks on our doors, but very few know about it. The “Internet of things”, also known as “loT”, is today an important aspect of the talk of innovation in the world.



  1. Connection of Things through IoT:

We all know how the Internet connected people, but now, taking another step forward, the Internet is going to connect things that we did not think about in this regard before. In fact, the Internet of things is a system of devices that are implemented using sensors, software and electronics to initiate the exchange and collection of data and information. This article will provide a brief overview of what has already been implemented in the field of the Internet of things.


  1. Control the Temperature Through Nest Learning Thermostat:

One of the first manifestations of the Internet of things in everyday life is the “smart” thermostat. Imagine that you can control the temperature of your home anywhere, simply by pressing the application button on your smartphone or tablet, and you will get the desired temperature before you return home. Nest Learning Thermostat is the most popular thermostat in this category.



  1. Can Nest Learning Thermostat Control from Anywhere?

The Nest thermostat is not only controlled from anywhere in the world, but also learns by itself, following the daily schedule and changing the temperature of your home without bothering you. For example, if you set a low temperature at night continuously for 7 days, then this device will recognize this and will automatically lower the temperature at night. This is a very useful device for saving energy.



  1. Mimo Monitors: Affordable and New Technology:

The second useful manifestation is Mimo Monitors. Mimo monitors are not only affordable, but also introduce new technology. This technology allows you to get updated information about the position of your child’s body, level of breathing, body temperature, reaction to exposure.


  1. Can the Information be Communicated Through Mobile Phone?

The information collected is communicated to you through your mobile phones. In addition, the Nest Learning Thermostat described above can automatically change the temperature of your child’s room, according to the data obtained by the Mimo meter.



  1. Philips Hue Lamps are Connected to the Mobile Phones:


One of the most popular smart lamps today is Philips hue LED bulbs. By connecting them wirelessly to your mobile phone, you can now control the light intensity with your fingertips. Instead of using different incandescent lamps depending on your mood and environment, you can simply change the intensity and color of one Philips lamp.

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