The Most Effective Strategy to Convince a Customer

Do you want to know how to convince a customer? So if you want to sell and achieve more, I invite you to continue reading this post with an open mind.

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Based on experience, studies, research.we bring you a right amount of techniques or advice that can help you persuade your clients that you are the best option. So pay close attention and put every technique into practice.


  1. The giver is rewarded


This truth has been inherent in all cultures since ancient times; it is based on a simple psychological mechanism: if one person does something good for another, he wants to thank him.


  1. Offer something exclusive


Be the first to offer something – the opportunity to test the product, an exhaustive consultation, a small gift – thereby leading to the desire of the client to take a reciprocal step.

Personalize your offer so that the client knows who has shown responsiveness to him and let the client feel special.


  1. People tend to dwell on what we have chosen


Therefore, it is important to get at least a small “yes” from the client at the beginning of the conversation, because then it will be difficult for him to say “no”. A potential buyer who agreed to a test drive by car or to taste an exclusive wine has already taken a step towards a decisive “yes.”



  1. Offer the client the selling advantage 


Give praise to the choice of the client, thereby increasing his confidence. Make sure that what the client says “yes” has witnesses – a statement of interest or a promise to support, if expressed in someone else’s presence, encourages you to remain consistent.


  1. Give potential buyer access to reviews


People are always attracted by what others have praised. When purchasing goods on the Internet, we always look at the reviews of other customers and the number of “stars”. When the founder of the Amazon online store, Jeff Bezos, first introduced the ability for online shoppers to evaluate purchased goods, many thought it was unreasonable. Still, the practice has shown that this attracts customers and promotes sales.


  1. People trust experts


Especially in areas in which they are not experts. Therefore, for everyone who wants to sell something or make a profitable deal, it is important to leave the impression of a competent and authoritative person in a conversation with a client.


  1. Increase the trust of the client


Develop a body language that matches the desired image, confident posture, a steady voice and manner of speaking, but muffled gestures. Demonstrate detailed knowledge of the product or service being sold.


Increase the trust of the client, in the appropriate situation, telling about your education and experience in a particular field.


  1. People buy the product that available in limited quantities 


The recipe for success tested by marketing practice is to cause a slight panic in the client, “the doors are closing.” This means that delaying the decision, and he may miss an opportunity that will no longer be. Classical trick such as “three more people are currently looking at this offer of a hotel room” or “only two pairs left in the warehouse.”


  • Let the customer know that the product is available in limited quantities.
  • Indicate that a product, service or favourable discount is available for a limited time.
  • Involve the competition factor by reporting that others are also claiming the offer.

However, every entrepreneur knows that for the client to return not only the second but also the third, fourth, tenth time, the most important was and will be the quality.

Muhammad Farhan

I am a fresh finance graduate, who's great with strategizing, impeccable mathematical and analytical skills, combined with keenness on details and understanding the HOWs and WHYs of things. Excellent with quantitative analysis, financial feasibilities & problem-solving.

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