What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology of adding, introducing into real life, into a three-dimensional field of human perception of virtual information, which is perceived as elements of real life. With quality content, a person erases the line between reality and the artificially created world. Reality is expanding (or supplemented) by introducing virtual information into it.

Can We Create Augmented Reality in Real Time?

That is, when creating augmented reality in real time, objects are placed in real time using special software and gadgets, such as:

  • augmented reality glasses (“smart glasses”),
  • tablets
  • smartphones with AR function and other gadgets.

Augmented reality technology is the best marketing tool to make people wonder, remember, and create a WOW effect.


How Does Augmented Reality Technology Work?

The world of augmented reality has the following properties:

  1. Combines the virtual and the real.
  2. Interacts in real time.
  3. It works in 3D.


Augmented Reality in Electronics:

To create augmented reality, the following are used: a processor, a display, a camera, and position-determining electronics, such as an accelerometer, GPS, and a compass. A touchscreen smartphone, for example, has the necessary kit so that the owner of the gadget plunges into the world of augmented reality.



Augmented Reality Applications Work As Follows:

  1. A special label is used.
  2. The tag is read by a mobile device or computer.
  3. A layer of additional information is displayed on the screen.

Using augmented reality projects is easy. For example, point the camera of a mobile device at an object, and text comments, photos, videos or all in a complex will appear on the screen.



Where Can I Use Augmented Reality Technology?

The possibilities of augmented reality technology are endless, it can be used in all areas of modern man’s activity.

You Can Do Marketing and Advertising With AR:

Marketing and advertising business is one of the first to adopt the capabilities of AR. Augmented reality in advertising is used in all areas. The functions of augmented reality are supplied with shop windows, changing rooms, interactive kiosks, and promotional stands. Advertising campaigns conducted using augmented reality technologies cause a wide resonance and, most importantly, effectively influence the target audience, and form a stable positive impression of the product or service.

The Process of Creating Augmented Reality:

  • The WOW factor is an indispensable component of cinema, show performances, concert and entertainment events. Augmented reality is actively being introduced in the exhibition and event industries.
  • Augmented reality for the Moscow Government at the Hannover Messe 2016 industrial exhibition
  • Elements of the show using augmented reality are also used to attract people to socially and socially significant problems.
  • Augmented reality is actively used for educational purposes. They have been talking about the high efficiency of interactive teaching methods for a long time .


  1. Augmented Reality in Education and Android Mobiles:

The  AR textbooks have an unconditional future. When sent to a smartphone’s textbook, for example, animated 3D characters may appear on the pages. In addition to books, augmented reality in education is used in AR-games, educational augmented reality applications for training skills and knowledge.


  1. AR Technology and AR Visualization:

Biology, architecture and construction, archeology – in these areas of activity, augmented reality technology is being actively introduced and used. Thanks to AR, visualization in architecture and construction goes to a new level, allowing you to see the final result at the design stage, thereby reducing risks in the production process.

  1. AR Technology In Other Fields of Life:

Exhibition, exposition, museum activities, art and design, video installations and interactive mock-ups using augmented reality are far from an exhaustive list of areas of our life where augmented reality technologies can be used.


What are the benefits of using augmented reality technology?

Here we can talk about a whole range of advantages of using augmented reality and using virtual reality to promote goods / services and stimulate sales.

  1. A strong emotional response is guaranteed, since the appearance in everyday life, for example, in a shopping center, of virtual characters, causes a state of delight and surprise. And emotion is paramount for marketing and advertising.
  2. Engagement and interactivity contribute to memorability and brand loyalty.
  3. Comfortable, easy, game information retrieval contributes to sustainable memorization.
  4. Augmented reality technology allows you to interact with the artificial world using gadgets. This is a significant advantage of augmented reality over virtual reality.
  5. Viral effect. All promotions using mixed reality cause strong emotions, so the best advertising tool starts to work – stories about what you see are passed from mouth to mouth, drawing attention to the brand.
  6. Communication Digital and offline.
  7. Presentation of the product in 3D volume format guarantees the involvement of potential customers in the process of studying the product, especially if you manage to parse the picture into layers.
  8. WOW factor – the wow factor plays an important role in shaping the impression of a product or service.



What Solutions Do We Offer When Creating Augmented Reality?

Work on creating augmented reality requires serious professional skills, experience and the availability of high-tech resources and equipment. We are actively engaged in the promotion of augmented reality technologies in the domestic market.


Augmented Reality in Script Writing and Content Creation:

We solve problems of any complexity, carry out turnkey customer management: concept development, script writing, content creation, technical preparation and implementation of the project at the venues. We are developing augmented reality projects for use with augmented reality glasses, as well as for IPhone, iPad, and other gadgets with AR augmented reality functions.


What Does the Cost Consist of and What Are The Stages of Work?

The cost of implementing each project is calculated individually based on the terms of reference or brief provided by the Customer.

When forming the cost of a project to create augmented reality, factors such as:

  • The cost of software development.
  • The cost of design development (rendering 3D models, interfaces, animation, etc.) depends on the complexity of the script, the quality of character rendering, and graphics.
  • The cost of renting equipment for augmented or virtual reality (based on the number of shifts).
  • The cost of the technical staff at the site.

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