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Which browser is better: Firefox or Chrome?

We decided to compare the two most popular Internet browsers and find out who is better: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? We will talk about the features of each of them in this article. We will compare Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, taking into account criteria such as add-ons, browser speed and stability. Who will win?

Is Mozilla Firefox Better Than Chrome?

In the past few months, the browser has rapidly expanded its functionality and now has the 57th version. Among the new features of firefox, the Firefox Pocket service with which you can save web pages to read them later offline, and Firefox Hellо – Firefox’s own video chat.

  1. Add-ons:

To add new features to your Firefox browser, you can use the so-called Add-ons. For example, with them you can set a password for the browser or use Video Downloader.

  1. Speed:

In the usual tests for browsers such as SunSpider, Acid3, V8 and Octane, Firefox current version showed very good results. However, in some ways it is slower than Google Chrome. Among other things, these tests evaluate the speed of loading web pages.

  1. Stability:

Mozilla Firefox is very stable, crashes or other problems are extremely rare. And thanks to automatic updates, your computer will always have the most current version of the browser.

Is Google Chrome Better Than Mozilla Firefox?

At the moment, Google Chrome has the 63rd version. Google has come a long way in working on its brainchild: it’s a whole browser-based operating system. Applications like Google Drive, Google Docs, or Picasa are becoming more and more connected to the browser.

  1. Download Many Useful And Technical Things for Chrome:

On the Chrome Web Store, you can not only download useful plugins for Chrome, but also games, for example, Angry Birds.

In addition, Google Chrome has a number of useful features:

  1. Extensions:

“Add-ons” from Google, which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. They do not work like their counterparts in Frefox, and the choice of extensions is more. Using them, you can not only block ads, but also download games, news or weather forecasts.

  1. Speed:

The speed of the Chrome browser is unbeatable. In most tests, it is ahead of all other surfing programs on the Internet . If speed matters to you most, install Chrome. However, over time, Frefox will reduce its gap as much as possible or even catch up with the browser from Google.

  1. Stability:

Chrome runs smoothly, but requires a lot of memory, which can be critical for older computers. This is especially noticeable when several tabs are open in the browser.

So which is better: Chrome or Firefox?

Regardless of which of the two browsers you install, this will be the right solution. Both Firefox and Chrome are major league players. If you prefer a classic web browser, we recommend Mozilla Firefox. It works stably and it has everything that is necessary for comfortable access to the network.

Google Chrome is the Winner:

In addition to Chrome and Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi performed well in large testing of CHIP . But the winner at the moment is still Google Chrome.

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